What Is Mind To Body Connection?

Our brain controls the way we move our body by sending messages via the spinal cord to our muscles. Some movements are conscious, that is, we deliberately think about doing them, but others are unconscious without us needing to concentrate.

Have you noticed that when performing tasks such as talking, driving, or walking, your body performs the movements needed automatically? Our brain is so intelligent that it can plan the type, coordination, and sequence of our movements without our conscious awareness. But sometimes concentrating on our movements can be helpful in both exercise and rehabilitation.

The “mind to body connection” refers to consciously thinking about the muscle or group of muscles you are trying to activate during movement. This concentration helps to better recruit more of the same muscle fibres to create a better quality contraction.

This mind to body connection can help you in your exercise routine, daily living, and rehabilitation. For example:

  • Protect your back by engaging your abs when bending and reaching.
  • Work your muscles more effectively in your exercise routine (for example, targeting your glutes instead of your hip flexors).
  • Engage specific muscles during your rehabilitation journey to ensure a quick and safe recovery.

Some strategies to help you establish this connection include:

  • Focusing on the area you want to work on.
  • Exercising in a space that promotes focus, such as a gym or quiet room.
  • Removing distractions like your phone or TV.
  • Warm up the muscles you wish to target with lower intensity movements first to actively engage them.
  • Book in with one of our physiotherapists to assess your movement needs and direct you on which muscles to target, and how to target them.

The mind to body connection requires practice, but it can be very helpful in your exercise or rehabilitation journey. If you would like to learn more, BOOK an appointment with our physiotherapists for guidance and support.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended to consult a professional before implementing changes to your regular movement or undergoing a new exercise routine. Any advice given by Trilogy Physiotherapy is done so in good faith that our clients have sought approval from a professional before undertaking activity.

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