Understanding and Managing Sever’s Disease in Children


Is your child experiencing heel pain? Sever’s disease, common in active children aged 7 to 15, could be the cause. This condition results from stress on the Achilles tendon, often during growth spurts or intense physical activity.

What is Sever’s Disease?

Sever’s disease, or calcaneal apophysitis, occurs when the growth plate in the heel becomes inflamed due to repetitive stress. It primarily affects boys but is also seen in girls (James et al., 2018).


  • Limping after activities like running or jumping
  • Walking on toes
  • Stiffness and tenderness around the heel
  • Swelling of the Achilles tendon (Smith & Johnson, 2019)

Contributing Factors

  • High levels of physical activity
  • Rapid growth spurts
  • Weight and height
  • Improper footwear (Brown et al., 2017)

Role of Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can diagnose Sever’s disease and provide:

  • Stretching Exercises: To alleviate tension in the Achilles tendon (Williams et al., 2020).
  • Taping: To support the heel and reduce pain.
  • Hands-On Treatment: Including massage and manual therapy.
  • Activity Modification: Advice on adjusting physical activities to prevent further strain (Thompson & Miller, 2021).

Importance of Footwear

Podiatrists can recommend appropriate footwear or orthotics to support the heel and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon (Clark & Davis, 2018).

Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. With proper care, symptoms can resolve within a few weeks to a few months (Anderson & Lee, 2016).


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Physiotherapy for Severs Disease


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