Naren Vasudeva

Physiotherapist / Director

Special Interests: Sports Physiotherapy, Children’s Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention

Naren, the Director of our physiotherapy team, is a highly accomplished physiotherapist with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (Hons) from the University of Queensland, coupled with a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences. His academic excellence is paralleled by a wealth of practical experience that spans diverse facets of sports and healthcare.

Naren’s expertise extends to working with athletes of all ages and disciplines. His portfolio includes collaboration with Tennis QLD, local Rugby, Soccer, and AFL teams, as well as national-level Baseball and Basketball players. His clientele extends beyond traditional sports, encompassing runners, Ironman triathletes, CrossFit enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and weight lifters.

Outside the clinic, Naren contributes to the AFL, ensuring on match days that AFL Umpires can perform at their peak throughout the game. His commitment to education is further demonstrated through his role in teaching at the University of Queensland, sharing his knowledge and passion with the next generation of physiotherapists.

Naren is deeply committed to injury prevention, focusing on meticulous rehabilitation tailored to each patient’s specific needs. His approach extends beyond the immediate treatment of sporting injuries; he has a particular interest in assisting children in overcoming injuries, enhancing coordination, and refining motor skills. Notably, Naren welcomes inquiries about his ability to assist with certain genetic pediatric conditions, urging interested parties to reach out for a personalized discussion.

At the core of Naren’s practice is a dedication to ensuring his patients receive not only expert treatment but also individualized care that aligns with their unique circumstances. Contact us today to explore how Naren can contribute to your path to optimal health and well-being.

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