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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art with a heavy focus on ground fighting and submission. Although wrestling and takedowns aren’t a heavy focus in BJJ, it is incorporated into the sport. BJJ is recognized as an essential martial art, especially in modern MMA. In comparison to other forms of martial arts BJJ is considered relatively new, coming into inception in 1920 and becoming hugely popular and prominent in the last 5 – 10 years. Similar to Judo, while training you wear a uniform called a Gi. However, you can also train in no Gi. Gi and no Gi are generally considered the same sport however, differentiations in the techniques and some of the submissions utilised exists. This is essential to know as each variation has different injuries that can occur.

Unfortunately, with regards to BJJ injuries incidents are quite high with 2 out of 3 people sustaining an injury in the first 2 -3 years of training. However, these injury rates are significantly lower than judo, taekwondo, wrestling and mixed martial arts.  A recent study indicated majority of injuries were sprains or strains. Furthermore, the study demonstrated fractures, lacerations and dislocations were the most common severe type of injuries sustained. Out of all these injuries, 60% required physiotherapy for strengthening, swelling or immobilisation and proprioceptive exercises.

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Most common Injuries in BJJ include:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbow
  • Back
  • Knee
  • Ankle

These injuries can vary from minor to major, where recovery can be anywhere from a couple of days to months.

It is important to see a physiotherapist who understands BJJ.

By seeing a physiotherapist who understands the demands of the sport and its intricacies required, we can help tailor treatment, education, pre-rehab and optimise performance specific to BJJ and martial arts. Additionally, we will always endeavour to find a way to keep you training safely for as long as possible.

Furthermore, we can provide advice and education on effective warm up exercises, cool-down protocols and stretches. We can help minimise injuries and strengthen other areas of the body that are weak, thus injuries aren’t sustained at those joints.

Investigation into additional injury risk factors will also be addressed during treatment. This can include looking at sleep quality, improving fitness and especially hydration, as Queensland can be very hot and humid. Additionally, we can help, optimise performance by looking at you holistically.  Incorporating work, family training and recovering together so this can relieve stress and anxiety about your injury.

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