Lateral Epicondylitis, Also known as Tennis Elbow

Have you got pain on the side of your elbow? Does it hurt to grip or lift things?

You may have is Tennis Elbow.

No, you do not need to be playing Tennis to have Tennis Elbow. In fact, majority of people who are diagnosed with Tennis Elbow don’t even play tennis!

Unfortunately, Tennis Elbow can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 years to go away. If it’s taking a while to settle down, it can be primarily due to the fact that you aren’t giving your arm a proper rest.

This injury can occur from overuse. So the more you keep using it and keep doing aggravating activities, the longer it will take for the pain to subside.

Physiotherapy can help reduce your pain and help you recover quicker. Your physiotherapist will ask what job you do and what movements you do on a regular basis. And together, both you and the physio can come up with alternate modifications to help aid you in your recovery.

Physiotherapy will also involve gentle exercises to help load the arm, but in an appropriate way to help you feel better soon.

In the mean time, while you read this, try placing a towel around an ICE pack and place it on the elbow for 15 minutes. This may help with some short term relief until you see one of our physiotherapists.

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