Do you regularly experience headaches?

Do you sometimes feel like your head is pulsating? Have you got some associated shoulder pain? Are you sensitive to light? Do you feel worse with movements of your head or does your neck feel tender?

Did you know physiotherapy can help reduce these above symptoms and help minimise your headaches?

Our physiotherapists can diagnose what type of headache you have and can determine the source of the pain.

There are multiple factors that contribute to headaches. Two of the most common include:


A huge factor that can lead to headaches is poor posture. If you are seated with your neck constantly stretching out in front of your body, the muscles at the back of your neck will struggle. These muscles lack the endurance to maintain a forward head position, which can lead to headaches. Our physiotherapists can show you how to work these muscles to build the strength and endurance in them to reduce headache frequency.

Weak Shoulder(s)

Another common cause of headaches is weakness in one or both shoulders. If there’s an imbalance in the shoulder musculature, more stress and load goes through the neck. This can reduce the mobility through the vertebrae, leading to headaches. It does this by putting pressure on the nerves in the neck which refer pain into the head.

By using manual therapy techniques, there are a few points on and around the neck vertebrae that our physiotherapists can work on to help reduce symptoms.

These are only a few of many ways physiotherapy can help with headaches as there are many other factors that can lead to frequent pain. If you have any of the above symptoms, Book Now to see how one of our talented physiotherapists can help!

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